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There won’t be a fourth part of the Descent saga in all probability. Since Descent 3 turned out financially as a failure, its developer Outrage decided to stop all work on Descent 4. Instead, they concentrated on an action-adventure game named Alter Echo which appeared on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in the middle of August 2003.

Besides Outrage, the firm Volition was temporarily interested to develop a successor for Descent 3 as well. Both companies stand in narrow contact to each other, they both consist at least in part of former employees of the company Parallax (developer of Descent 1 and 2). Due to the bad sale of Descent 3, also Volition stopped, however, the work on Descent 4. With Red Faction, they released  a traditional first-person-shooter in September 2001.

Some engaged Descent fans decided in the middle of 2001 to develop a successor for Descent 3. This should be called "Descent IV: Invasion" and distributed via Interplay. They started even an own company, that they called Orbital Design Studios. In May 2002, they announced then that they would have to stop all work at Descent 4, however. Both Interplay as well as Parallax and Outrage have rights at the title "Descent". Unfortunately, an agreement of these three companies with Orbital Design Studios turned out as impossible.

Several Descent-Fanpages have started a petition for the continuing of the Descent series. As soon as they have enough signups, the list will be submitted to all parties involved with Descent.

The company Uplink Studios announces on its website, to publish a Descent-like game with the title “Core Decision” in the near future. Information offers the Core Decision forum of Descent BB.

Interplay announced in November 2007 that the company is planning to release a sequel for Descent 3, if it can obtain enough money for this project.

The  “Open Descent Foundation” (ODF) plans a successor for Descent 3 as well. ODF is a community for developers who want to make open source programs for Descent 1 to 3. Members don't have to be programmers or scripters, everyone is welcome.

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