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On the following pages, you find information about the 3D classic "Descent" as well as to its two successors.

Instead of a lengthy preface, here some extracts from reviews of game magazines and sites:


“Descent kidnaps you to a racy flight through gloomy mines and narrow tunnels. Interplay’s furious 3D racer turns out to be a beautifully intelligent shooter game... It is really impressing how good the light effects are used... Descent is my favourite game among the 3D action games. The huge and extremely varied levels, the intelligent opponents and an ingenious steering provide long term game fun... Descent is smarter, faster and more intelligent than any Doom variants which overflow the market... Anyone who has at least a bit of interest in 3D action must have Descent.” Score: 90 of 100 (PC Player 3/1995)

Descent 2:

“Descent 2 has completely met the expectations. Parallax has not got off itself from its basic concept, and has only integrated a few improvements into the program. Therefore, the experienced gamer can fully get into the game and has not to accustom himself to unnecessary nonsense. Usually, such gimmickry rather harms than fosters a successor. The bloody beginner will be excited of Descent 2 anyway, because of the unique game principle.” Game fun: 91 % (PC Games 3/1998)

"If you don't like Descent at least a little bit, make no mistake, there is something wrong with you. Descent II's huge replay value and absolutely insane network play should ensure its popularity for a long time." Score: 9.2 of 10 (GameSpot 5/1996)

Descent 3:

“Plus: Fantastic flight feeling, every level brings new tasks, huge levels, excellent atmosphere... I did never give before the Gold Player predicate heartily!... The integrated multiplayer modes and levels provide for weeks of game fun. The weapon variety is enormous as well...” Game fun: 89 of 100 (PC Player 8/1999)

“In every way that really matters, Descent 3 is a fantastic game. With killer graphics, sound, gameplay, stability, and multiplayer it is all you need for a long term action obsession... This is one of the very best games I’ve played in years, and an instant recommendation for anyone who has ever fondled a joystick or stroked a mouse. Just remember to come up for air though, there is such a thing as dying of starvation or thirst.” Score: A- (Game Revolution 7/1999)

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